About Us

– Our Mission –

To light inspire and enlighten 


I was always always the person my friends came to for advise. This never made sense to me. Although I loved to give advice, I never thought I had anything compelling to say. Yet, I was the one my friends came to whenever they were in trouble, having difficulty with various things, or just otherwise needed advise.

This was a sign.

A lot of times we tend to think of our own thought processes as normal. We think, “Surly everyone must think like me.” This was my assumption. Though my friends told me over and over again, it took me awhile to realize that my views on life in general were far from common. In fact, in the words my friend, Dave, I have a “weird, but interesting perspective on things.”

I’ve come to embrace that about myself. Hence, the reason I started Living Inspired.

The topics I plan to cover include but are not limited to: achieving your goals, coping with stress, anger management, creativity, positive thinking, self improvement tools, happiness, self worth, and more.

My hope is that I my words will inspire, motivate, and enlighten you. Yes, you. You, and whoever will find them valuable.

Welcome to Living Inspired. Are you living, or are you Living Inspired?


Jamar Harris


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